The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of eight new Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars for 2022. The award honors young faculty in the chemical sciences who have created an outstanding independent body of scholarship and are deeply committed to education with undergraduates. Each Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar receives an unrestricted research grant of $75,000.

Jeffrey Cannon, Occidental College
New Umpolung Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions


Dennis Cao, Macalester College
Sulfur-enhanced Mellophanic Diimide Acenes and Ions


Jesse Carrick, Tennessee Technological University
Synthetic Approaches to Minor Actinide Separations from Lanthanides Contained within Spent Nuclear Fuel


Kelly Chacón, Reed College
Spectroscopic Studies of Chalcogen-Detoxifying Proteins in Bacteria


Misty Kuhn, San Francisco State University
Exploring Structure/Function Relationships of Diverse Gcn5-Related N-Acetyltransferases


Andres Martinez, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Applying Fundamental Analytical Chemistry to the Development of Point-of-Care Diagnostics


Maosheng Miao, California State University, Northridge
Improving Design of Materials by Exploring and Utilizing Novel Chemistry


Paul Raston, James Madison University
Characterization of Fundamental Prebiotic Molecules of Astrochemical Significance