The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation has selected eight Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars for 2019. The award provides an unrestricted research grant of $75,000 to young faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions who are accomplished researchers and committed educators.

Paul Abbyad, Santa Clara University
Sorting Cancer Cells Based on Metabolism Using Droplet Microfluidics

Mary Elizabeth Anderson, Furman University
Bottom-Up Assembly of Nanomaterials: Investigating Fundamentals of Formation to Tailor Material Structure and Properties

Louise Charkoudian, Haverford College
Unveiling Molecular Underpinnings of Natural Product Biosynthesis

Lionel Cheruzel, San Jose State University
Light-Driven P450 Biocatalysis Featuring Ru(II)-Diimine Complexes

Christopher Graves, Swarthmore College
Enabling New Catalytic Chemistry for Aluminum with Non-Innocent and Redox-Active Ligands

Amy Lane, University of North Florida
Revealing Biosynthetic Secrets to Unleash Nature’s Chemical Aptitude

William McNamara, The College of William & Mary
Catalyst-Sensitized Metal Oxides for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation

Rachel Stanley
, Wellesley College
The Gas Toolbox: Chemical Clues for Understanding the Effect of Climate Change on the Ocean