The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation has selected 13 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars for 2019. These young faculty have each created an outstanding independent body of scholarship and are deeply committed to education. The frontier accomplishments of these award recipients span the broad range of contemporary research in the chemical sciences. Each Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar receives an unrestricted research grant of $100,000.

Jose Avalos
, Princeton University
Spatial and Dynamic Control of Engineered Metabolism for Microbial Chemical Production

Tianning Diao, New York University
Stereoselective Alkene Carbofunctionalization: Development, Mechanisms, and Applications

Bryan Dickinson, The University of Chicago
Chemical and Evolutionary Approaches to Probe and Control Biology

Keary Engle, The Scripps Research Institute
New Strategies for Selective Catalytic Functionalization of C–C π-Bonds

Renee Frontiera, University of Minnesota
Nanoscale Raman Spectroscopy

Garret Miyake, Colorado State University
Harnessing the Power of Light: Light-Driven Syntheses Reflective Materials

Timothy Newhouse, Yale University
Chemical Technologies and Computational Approaches for the Step-efficient Synthesis of Structurally Complex Natural Products

Amish Patel, University of Pennsylvania
How Surfaces Recognize and Bind Nascent Crystals

Dipali Sashital, Iowa State University
Defining the Molecular Basis for Memory Formation in CRISPR-Cas Systems

Natalia Shustova, University of South Carolina
Photophysics of Hybrid Hierarchical Structures with Emphasis on Directional Energy Transfer

Christopher Uyeda, Purdue University
Designing New Catalysts Using Metal-Metal Bonds

Timothy Wencewicz, Washington University in St. Louis
New Antibiotics from Nature’s Chemical Inventory

Jenny Yang, University of California, Irvine
Molecular Design of Redox Catalysts