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Image Gallery Two, Dreyfus Prize reception

George Whitesides with John D. Roberts, Honorary Dreyfus Advisor, California Institute of Technology [left to right]


Edith Roberts with John D. Roberts


Suzanne Walker, Harvard Medical School, Elga Wasserman, and Dan Kahne, Harvard University [left to right]

Mark J. Cardillo, Executive Director, Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, John Rogers, University of Illinois, and Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard University [left to right]

Mary Eileen Walter, with Katie Walter [left to right]

John Tully, Dreyfus Advisor, Yale University, Mary Tully, and Penny Beuning, Northeastern University [left to right]

James Anderson, Dreyfus Advisor (left), Harvard University, with Dudley Herschbach, Honorary Dreyfus Advisor, Harvard University [left to right]

Richard Zare, Dreyfus Advisor, Stanford University with Richard M. Losick, Harvard University [left to right]

George Whitesides with Matthew Tirrell, Dreyfus Advisor, University of California, Berkeley [left to right]

George Whitesides with Ralph Nuzzo, University of Illinois [left to right]


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