Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences

Initial inquiry deadline: June 4, 2015
Proposal deadline: August 6, 2015
Announcement: November 2015

The Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences provides funding for innovative projects in any area consistent with the Foundation's broad objective to advance the chemical sciences.

The program is open to institutions in the States, Districts, and Territories of the United States of America that have a focus in the chemical sciences. Institutions include schools, colleges and universities, as well as other not-for-profit organizations, such as scientific societies and science museums. Awards are not made directly to individuals, or, in general, to private foundations.

The Foundation encourages proposals that are judged likely to significantly advance the chemical sciences. Examples of areas of interest include (but are not limited to): the increase in public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the chemical sciences; innovative approaches to chemistry education at all levels (K-12, undergraduate, and graduate); and efforts to make chemistry careers more attractive. Research proposals are not customarily considered.

Important aspects of proposals are:
• broad applicability and impact beyond the submitting institution
• specific and detailed descriptions of the chemistry associated with the proposal
• uniqueness of the project

Favorable consideration also is given to:
• a plan for sustaining this project, if relevant
• significant institutional support or other complementary sources of funding
• evidence of expertise of the PIs and/or identified consultants
• plans to assess effectiveness, including over the longer term

The Foundation Web site has listings of awards approved in recent years. Applicants may review these listings for a general sense of the Special Grant Program, although the historical award listings do not imply a topical preference for projects.

The amount of support requested is determined by the applicant. A review of previous awards may be helpful in demonstrating typical grant sizes. Charges associated with indirect costs or institutional overhead are not allowed. Award funds are intended for the purposes described in the proposal and any major changes in the project's objectives, budget, or time frame require Foundation approval. If the principal investigator leaves the institution, transfer of the remaining funds requires prior Foundation approval. Support for capital construction, endowments, conferences, and individual scholarships and fellowships is not normally provided. Faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate student salaries are not customarily considered. Excessive travel budgets are discouraged.

Application Procedure

Initial Inquiry: A letter requesting permission to submit a full proposal should be submitted to the Foundation for an initial assessment no later than June 4, 2015. This initial inquiry, of three pages or less, will be assessed with respect to the Foundation's goals as described above. The letter, which does not require institutional approval, should describe the project, its importance, its goals, and how Dreyfus support will be used to achieve the goals. Include a brief budget with a categorical description of how the funds would be spent. Institutional matching funds or other existing or proposed external resources supporting the project should be mentioned. Supplemental materials should not be included.

This initial inquiry may be sent by e-mail to programs@dreyfus.org and must include the email, telephone, and mailing address of the principal investigator. Institutions may submit inquiries for more than one project. E-mail submissions should be text messages, without graphics and pictures. Hard-copy duplicates are not required. Upon review of the initial inquiries, the Foundation will invite the submission of complete proposals. The Foundation will respond to all initial inquiries by the end of June.

Proposal: Invited proposals must be received at the Foundation office by the deadline. Applications recommended for approval are presented to the Foundation's Board of Directors in time for award announcements by early November.

Required Information
Application package: The original application formatted on 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper, using 12-point font size, and assembled as:

1. The online application form
2. A one-page equivalent of an executive summary that answers the following:
   • What problem does the project address?
   • Why is it important?
   • How will the project address the issue?
3. In four or fewer pages, a description of:
   • the project, and specifically the chemistry, in detail and its anticipated impact
   • how the project will be carried out, sustained (if relevant), disseminated, and assessed
   • institutional matching funds or other external resources available
   • a time-line
4. A one-page CV of the project director(s) and/or consultants
5. A one-page categorical budget of the use of Dreyfus Foundation funding. If this is part of a larger project, also provide an overview of the total project budget and other sources of support.

Send these materials as a PDF to: programs@dreyfus.org.

Questions may be directed to the Foundation office by e-mail at programs@dreyfus.org or by telephone at 212-753-1760.

Technical and financial reports are due when the project is essentially completed. If the project extends substantially beyond the proposed end date, status reports are due by the originally proposed completion date. If multi-year support is granted, annual reports are requested.

All reports should be concise and contain the following sections:

1. Highlights of accomplishments and assessment of success of the funded project
2. Plans for sustaining this effort, if appropriate
3. Categorical financial report (click here for categories)
4. An optional statement of newsworthy stories concerning the project

Send the report as a PDF to: programs@dreyfus.org.

Additional Information
1. Publications and presentations describing work supported by the award should acknowledge the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences.
2. Procedural questions may be directed to the Foundation office by telephone at 212-753-1760 or e-mail at programs@dreyfus.org.