The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation has selected seven Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars for 2017. The award provides an unrestricted research grant of $60,000 to young faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions who are accomplished researchers and committed educators.

Lauren Benz, University of San Diego
The Surface Chemistry of Complex Materials

Juliane Fry, Reed College
NOx and Particulate Matter: Determining the Chemical Mechanisms Behind Regional Air Pollution

Amelia Fuller, Santa Clara University
New Functions of Biomimetic Oligoamides as Sensors for Water Contaminants

John Gilbertson, Western Washington University
Bioinspired Movement of Protons and Electrons for Small Molecule Activation

Benjamin Swarts, Central Michigan University
Illuminating the Mycobacterial Cell Wall through Undergraduate Chemical Biology Research

Helen White, Haverford College
Physicochemical and Biochemical Insights into the Cycling of Organic Contaminants in Marine Environments

Douglas Young, The College of William & Mary
Application of Unnatural Amino Acids to Prepare Multivalent Bioconjugates