Dedicated to the advancement
of the chemical sciences

Our Mission

Dreyfus Chemistry Laboratory at MIT

The purpose of the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc., is to advance the science of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences as a means of improving human relations and circumstances throughout the world. Established in 1946 by chemist, inventor, and businessman Camille Dreyfus as a memorial to his brother Henry, the Foundation became a memorial to both men when Camille Dreyfus died in 1956. Throughout its history the Foundation has sought to take the lead in identifying and addressing needs and opportunities in the chemical sciences through a series of programs and awards. In broad terms, these programs support accomplished young faculty, develop leadership in environmental chemistry, and fund lectureships at primarily undergraduate institutions. The brief video below gives an overview of the Foundation history, mission, and programs.

Board of Directors

Henry C. Walter, President

Dorothy DinsmoorVice President and Secretary

H. Scott WalterTreasurer

Matthew V. TirrellChair, Scientific Affairs Committee

John R. H. Blum

Edward A. Reilly

Richard N. Zare

Paul Woitach

Mary Eileen Dowling Walter

H. Marshall SchwarzDirector Emeritus2011

Marye Anne FoxDirector Emerita, 2017

John I. BraumanDirector Emeritus2018



Mark J. Cardillo : E-mail, Press Release, Bio
Executive Director

Gerard L. Brandenstein : E-mail
Associate Director

Adam J. Lore : E-mail
Operations Manager


Scientific Advisors

Louis E. Brus
Columbia University

Arup Chakraborty
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Daniel G. Nocera
Harvard University

John A. Rogers
Northwestern University


Honorary Advisors

James G. Anderson
Harvard University

Dudley R. Herschbach
Harvard University

Mario J. Molina
University of California, San Diego

JoAnne Stubbe
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

John C. Tully
Yale University


Past Presidents

Camille Dreyfus

Jean Dreyfus

Dorothy Dinsmoor