The Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences


2015 Dreyfus Prize Topic is Making Molecules and Materials

photoThe Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation has selected Making Molecules and Materials as the topic of the 2015 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences. The Dreyfus Prize, awarded biennially, recognizes an individual for exceptional and original research in a selected area of chemistry that has advanced the field in a major way.  The prize consists of a monetary award of $250,000, a medal, and a citation.

"Making molecules and materials is at the core of chemistry," said Dr. Marye Anne Fox, chair of the Dreyfus Foundation Scientific Affairs Committee. "The syntheses of new organic, inorganic, and solid state matter with sought after or novel properties have greatly improved quality of life."

The deadline for nominations is March 2, 2015, with the prize recipient to be announced in May 2015. Additional information: HERE.